As a hospitality veteran with over 20 years of nursing experience, Rhonda Cammon founded Perfectly Cordial in 2019. Rhonda has a passion for people, hospitality, and libations and has pursued her passion via several successful ventures. She is the current Treasurer of the United States Bartender Guild (USBG) Nashville chapter and is the chapter’s first African American female board member.


Perfectly Cordial was founded with a mission to put great cocktails within reach of the novice or enthusiast bartender. Through perfection in flavor and simplicity of use, our cocktail mixers will bring mixology to the home bar without the mess, fuss, expense, or pretentiousness of a fancy cocktail bar.

As the owner of Barseat, a bartending service in Nashville, Rhonda Cammon realized many of her guests weren’t drinking alcohol but still wanted to experience the exciting world of craft beverages. Thus, Perfectly Cordial was born. Perfectly Cordial is versatile enough to mix in any drink for a mocktail or cocktail. Every occasion calls for a perfect drink and Perfectly Cordial is the perfect drink for every occasion.